DominXT Review: Does It Really Work And Worth It?

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(Last Updated On: January 13, 2022)

A low testosterone level might be the reason you are unable to keep up your performance and gain muscles. 

DominXT is a testosterone booster supplement that is said to increase your testosterone level and provide benefits such as increased muscle mass, improved performance, and high confidence.

However, even after such flashy claims, DominXT is relatively a new supplement in the market. And most users aren’t too sure if they can give it a try.

In the DominXT review, we looked at whether the supplement is really legit and stands by its claims. Besides this, we looked into how it worked and its pros and cons.

Having said that, let’s dive into the article. 

What is DominXT?

DominXT is a dietary supplement or you can say a male enhancement supplement that promises to increase performance, promote muscle building, and increase testosterone levels. 

The muscle-building supplement can improve blood flow and improved blood circulation can have a significant benefit in itself. 

However, DominXT is mainly promoted for boosting testosterone. Increased levels of testosterone can reduce fats and increase muscle mass. 

Also, a high testosterone level can improve your mood and help increase your libido (sex drive). Let’s have a look at the claims made by DominXT.

  • Maximize your muscle mass.
  • Increase strength, energy, and stamina.
  • Boost your testosterone level.
  • Increase your confidence.

Let’s see if DominXT stands by the claims it makes. For this, we will go through the ingredients and look for their effectiveness.

DominXT Manufacturer

Getting DominXT manufacturer detail is a difficult job since the male enhancement supplement doesn’t have a legit official website.

On retail stores like Amazon, different sellers sell the supplement with different labels. This gets really confusing once you are about to make a purchase.

However, according to some sources, DominXT is manufactured by a Texas-based company.

DominXT Benefits

With the use of some herbs and minerals, DominXT may provide some benefits to your overall performance and muscle building.

Benefits of DominXT includes:

  1. May Boost Testosterone level: For increased stamina,performance ,libdido and many other benefits this natural formula helps to increase free,active and bioavailable testosterone in the body.
  2. Can increase libido: It can helps to maximize your sex drive and libido thus helping to reach your sex desires.
  3. Increase muscle mass: Domin XT can increase the testosterone level of your body which can reduced fat and increase muscle mass.

These were the only benefits that we think DominXT may provide you.

Does DominXT Help Build Muscles?

DominXT is a testosterone booster male enhancement supplement, thus it can raise your testosterone levels significantly.

An increase in testosterone level can provide some muscle-building benefits in males. Testosterone helps your body reduce fats and increase muscle mass.

Besides increasing muscle mass, the presence of L-arginine can improve blood flow. This can improve your exercise as well as bedroom performance.

With increased blood flow DominXT tends to help sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and low stamina. However, the supplement hasn’t conducted any trial for these benefits.

Ingredients In DominXT

The key to deciding the success of a supplement, ingredients play a damn crucial role. 

With that being said, let’s have a look into the key ingredients included in the DominXT muscle-building supplement.

1. L-Arginine

It is an amino acid that helps your body with protein formation. L-arginine is a common compound found in protein-rich foods such as fish, soy, whole grains, and beans.

Now, what role does it play for muscle building? Since L-Arginine is needed for protein synthesis, it can contribute to the growth of your muscles.

Besides this, you should know L-Arginine can lead to an increase in NO concentration in your body. Nitric oxide is vasodilation that can improve blood circulation.

It can thus improve blood flow to your muscles which may definitely have some benefits. 

Thus L-Arginine presence in DominXT has substantial evidence for helping with muscle building.

2. Zinc

 Another important mineral needed for a strong immune system is zinc. Besides giving a boost to your immune system, Zinc can aid faster muscle recovery.

What more? Zinc is also thought to help with muscle protein synthesis. 

Studies find Zinc can help with muscle regeneration due to its muscle cell activation, differentiation, and proliferation effects.

Zinc also helps the production of testosterone in males. Testosterone is a key hormone that is responsible for increasing muscle mass. 

Thus, Zinc in DominXT can also increase the strength and size of your muscles. Also, it can improve immunity and promote faster muscle recovery.

3. Calcium 

After Zinc, calcium is the next mineral that DominXT uses in its muscle-building supplement. What role do you think calcium plays in muscle building?

Calcium as we all play an invaluable role in maintaining and building strong bones. Also, calcium is needed by muscles and the heart for their proper functioning.

The main role of calcium is to regulate the contraction of muscles. However, for muscle building, its benefit isn’t established. 

Thus, we don’t think calcium can help build muscles. However, it can provide you with strong bones which can prevent their damage while you are in the gym.

4. Maca

Maca is an adaptogenic plant which means it provides your body the ability to resist environmental stress. 

While you are in the muscle-building phase, your body goes through a lot. Thus, maca can help you tolerate whatever is going around.

Also, since maca is an adaptogen it helps you deal with depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Even though no research supports maca for muscle building, some suggest that maca can boost physical performance. This can aid to help improve your workout results.

Thus, maca in DominXT can be useful for helping your body adapt to the stressful environment while building muscles.

5. Boron

It is another mineral present in DominXT, that serves several different roles in the body being a trace mineral.

Boron provides several benefits to your body. It helps your body absorb other minerals, is important for the growth and maintenance of bone, and helps your body use testosterone more efficiently.

However, studies show taking boron supplements alongside muscle-building didn’t have any impact on testosterone levels.

Even though boron has a key role in adjusting testosterone production in males, it doesn’t help improve testosterone levels directly.

6. Proprietary Blend

DominXT also contains a proprietary blend that has more than ten ingredients with unspecified amounts. Let’s briefly get into some important ingredients in its proprietary blend.

  1. Pumpkin seed extract: The seeds of pumpkin are rich in Zinc. Thus, it can help with burning excess fat and increasing testosterone levels.
  2. Tribulus Terrestris: It is a traditional herb known for several different male enhancement properties. It can promote endurance, strength, and muscle repair. 
  3. Licorice Extract: For bodybuilding, Licorice can provide benefits such as digestive aid, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Verdict on Ingredients: 

DominXT could have done better at selecting ingredients since most ingredients do not affect your muscle strength directly. 

However, you can expect some benefits from DominXT like improved stress tolerance, faster muscle recovery, and increased physical performance.

DominXT Side Effects

Domin XT dietary supplement isn’t all-natural and comes with some additional additives. For most healthy individuals DominXT should not cause any side effects. Still, we recommend you to speak or talk with your doctor before starting out.

However, some of its prominent ingredients can show side effects if taken in high doses.

L-Arginine is generally safe when used for up to three months (with only some minor/mild side effects). Still, L-arginine potential side effects include diarrhea, gout, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Zinc also appears to be safe when taken by mouth and used in lower amounts. But its higher doses can lead to side effects like vomiting, stomach pain, and many other problems.

The same goes for calcium. Excess calcium supplementation can cause constipation, gas, and bloating in normal doses. In rare instances, it can even cause kidney stones.

Tribulus Terrestris in DominXT is probably safe for a shorter time. Still, you may experience mild side effects like an upset stomach and sleeping problems.

DominXT as a testosterone booster should be safe for most individuals with mild temporary side effects. In case you are on medication or have some medical conditions, be extra careful while using such supplements.

DominXT Pros & Cons


  1.  Most of the ingredients are natural and the product is made in the U.S.
  2. The supplement is cheaper when compared to its alternatives.
  3. Domin XT can help in providing benefits such as relaxing the blood vessels, increasing the stamina and testosterone level, and improving the circulation of oxygen in the blood.


  1. No confirmation of official website or stores and thus difficult to determine the trustworthiness of the manufactures and the company.
  2. The product doesn’t have any clinical trials or scientific evidence to showcase its effectiveness.
  3. Some of its ingredients come with adverse and minor side effects.
  4. Doesn’t offer any free trial.

Dosage And Warnings

Domin XT comes in capsules form and the suggested use of this supplement is to take 2 capsules per day with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

You can see or read the Warnings/Caution at the back of the label of the product as mentioned by the manufactures S.O Labs. Some of the following warnings include:

  • Keep it out of reach of children and store it at room temperature.
  • Do not use it the seal is damaged or removed
  • If you’re pregnant or nursing then avoid the supplement.
  •  People under physician care or under medications consult with your practitioner.

Cost And Where to Buy DominXT

Domin XT is one of the  great alternatives in the segment of male enhancement 

supplements as most of the supplements in this segment range from $40 to $60+, but Domin Xt sits at a mid-range price of $34.95 for a pack of 1.

As you know that there’s no real or official website for this supplement to buy or place the order but you can only find this in one of the popular retailers like Amazon by original manufactures selling the product.

Important Note: While purchasing from third parties or offline make sure you get the bottles only from the Original manufacturers.

DominXT Reviews By Users

Domin XT has got very low global ratings from Amazon, as of writing this article the product has got a rating of 4.3 out of 5 with 12 global ratings.

While looking at the review section at amazon we can’t find any positive reviews of the product or people’s opinions. And only one user has commented and has given it 1 star here is what he say:

Gary L LaCourse says – Another stupid diet pill


Vince Says –  Pretty much worthless

“Didn’t notice anything.”

DominXT Review: The Bottom Line

As of now we think DominXT isn’t legitimate even though it uses ingredients that have some benefits for male enhancement. 

The reason why we say it is, DominXT is sold by different manufacturers with different labels. And even after a decent number of positive ratings, no one mentioned any benefits from it.

Also, they do not have any official website if you want to know more details about the products and their efficacy. This is again a red flag for DominXT.

That was all for the DominXT reviews from us. Now we would like to listen to your take on this stuff is? Let us know.

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