Weight Loss

Is Dr. Gundry MCT Wellness A Hoax? Revealing The Truth

Medium-chain Triglycerides have seen significant growth in recent years due to their published or expected benefits, including improved cognition, increased fat burning, healthy weight management, and boosted energy levels. For those looking to lose weight, these benefits sound promising, but the problem is that their benefits are overhyped or exaggerated from the point of benefits. […]

9 Reasons Why You Might Not Lose Weight On Ozempic

If you’re taking Ozempic and still not able to see any weight loss changes, you still could be wondering, “Why am I not losing weight on Ozempic?” The answer can be a single reason to multiple reasons. Weight loss can be influenced by a wide array of factors such as regular exercise and staying in […]

Is Zevia Bad For You? | Is Zevia Healthy? (2023 Update)

Zevia soda has a good demand in the market where people are trying to find zero-calorie drinks for themselves. As of now the current market size of craft soda is more than $580 Million. Many keto practitioners too are leaning towards Zevia soda for cutting calories from their drinks. Probably you might be one having […]

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