Zipfizz Review: Is The Energy Drink Worth Your Money?

ZIpfizz is a popular low-calorie sugar-free energy drink that is made of multivitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and caffeine.  Now, why are energy drinks in demand? The main purpose why people take energy drinks is to boost their energy and concentration. However, some health professionals believe energy drinks in the long term may have some health consequences. […]

15 Delicious Foods Indian Mother Can Have After Delivery

Indian women really have a difficult time when it comes to choosing food to have after their delivery. However, while some manage to find a long list, its availability still becomes an issue. Being a health site from India, we think we really could help solve the concern to an extent.  We managed to find […]

Skinnytabs Review: Is the Weight Loss Detox Supplement A Success?

The term superfoods are being used everywhere these days. They are used in headlines, marketing products and also becoming a part of people’s everyday breakfast. One such company which is gaining popularity for its superfoods detox tablets is Skinnytabs. Skinnytabs is a blend of superfoods and vitamins, which claims many benefits in which popular ones […]

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